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Deutz Fahr Agrofarm 4100W

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TRACTOR MODEL: Deutz Fahr Agrofarm 4100W
Model (Yuchai) YC4DK110-T301
The number of cylinders is 4
Working volume 3618 with turbocharging and intercooler
Pressure in the fuel system, BAR 1600
Nominal power (without Boost) 110 hp. (81 kW) at 2200 rpm
Maximum power (without Boost) 115 hp. (84.5 kW) at 2200 rpm
The maximum torque at revolutions is 373 Nm at 2200 rpm KV
The volume of the fuel tank is 115 liters
The number of gears of the gearbox, the type of transmission SDF Mechanical transmission 30+ 15
Gearbox coupling Multi-disc clutch in an oil bath, with hydrostatic drive
Maximum speed 0.23 - 40 km/h
Front axle Manual or automatic all-wheel drive with 100% differential lock
Locking of the rear differential Electro-hydraulic locking system, mechanical inclusion of all-wheel drive
Wheel size: front Single 340/85R28 // 420/85R38
rear Single 340/85R28 // 420/85R38
Parking brakes Independent
The angle of rotation of the wheels is 55 degrees
Connection of all-wheel drive Manual control, electro-hydraulic control
Front differential lock Manual control, electro-hydraulic control
Front ballast Set ballast 8*40 kg (320 kg), quick-release 400 kg
PTO shaft coupling Multi-disc, in an oil bath
PTO shaft speed 540/1000 with independent secondary shaft
Rear suspension system With mechanical control
The maximum load of the rear hitch is 3500 kg
Productivity of the hydraulic pump is 42 l/min
The number of pairs of hydraulic outlets is 3
3-point suspension system Suspension system with fixed lower lower arms with self-coupling
DIMENSIONS, WEIGHT: (for rear wheels 420/85R38)
Length / width / height 3.99 / 2.05(2.458)/ 2.79
The weight is approximately 3250-4000

Front wheel track (min/max) 1630/2030
Rear wheel track 1602/2002
Cab configuration MaxiVision Cab II increased visibility
Air conditioning system With dust filter, ventilation, heating and forced recirculation system
The driver's seat is mechanically adjustable, equipped with a safety belt, with pneumatic suspension